Dust detectives

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Already widely used in forensics, the analytical methods used by the Fribourg firm Particle Vision is a world first in the field. " In some ways, you could say we are dust detectives", explains Juanita Rausch, Co-Director of the company based in the Fri Up business incubator. The experts at Particle Vision, however, go much further. Using an extremly powerful microscope, they are even able to distinguish the particle type and determine their provenance. "There are over 200 fundamental types of particle" As a result, it is also now possible to assess, with great precision, the impact that this particles have  on our quality of life. "Tlake pollen, for example. Even when there is much of it in the air, the only real health risk that comes with it is an allergic reaction. However, the same can definitely not  be said of heavy metal particles, wich are often emitted by road traffic!"


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