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  • Grobstaubcharakterisierung im PM10 an den NABEL-Standorten Bern Bollwerk und Zürich Kaserne (Juni 2018 - Juni 2019)
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  • Staubmonitoring an einem Steinbruch (2019)
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  • Morpho-chemical single particle analysis to reconstruct the eruption activity of a Colombian volcano (Azufral crater lake). Published in Bulletin of Volcanology 2020 https://rdcu.be/ca6el


Our participation, our contributions
  • NABEL-Tagung: Immissionsmessungen von High-end bis Low-cost (2020)
  • International Transport Air Pollution Conference (TAP, 2019)
  • European Aerosol Conference (2017)
  • Microscopy Conference (2017)
  • Calidad del Aire y Salud Publica (2017)
  • International Transport and Air Pollution Conference (2017)
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