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Sigma-2 passive sampler

Sigma-2 (VDI 2119:2013) sale/rent
  • Sigma-2 Coarse Mode (PM10-2.5) measurements validated with gravimetric/optical (FIDAS) comparison measurements
  • Boron substrates for particle characterization by SEM/EDS

Active low volume sampler

Rent of low volume samplers for gravimetry & chemical analysis

  • PM10 / PM2.5 standard reference sampling device according to
    CEN EN 12341 (LVS6-RV, Leckel)
  • TSP sampling head according to VDI 2463 pages 5 und 8
  • Daily to weekly samples (LVS6-RV, Leckel)
  • Weekly to monthly samples (MiniVS-C, Leckel)
  • Automatic sample changer for up to 17 samples (SEQ47/50-RV) incl. Peltier cooler


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